Friday, October 23, 2015

I just wanted to share how great this shave cream is!
Look at my leg for one! 
Its so soft and smooth! I haven't had a shave like this in along time!
This is my first time using our men's Shave cream and I am gonna have to get some more for myself lmao cause I don't think Tim is gonna share lol


Richly cushions for daily cleansing, a precision shave and irritation-free skin. A fuss-free experience for fuzz-free skin. 118 mL.

 NO. 52

Restless and well-traveled, with the refreshing air of the outdoors and a splash of citrus; a spontaneous soul that can’t be tied down.

 NO. 04

Spark curiosities without showing your hand. Crisp, agile lime warms to cedar wood with enough elegance to draw attention, but never overwhelm.

 NO. 48

Like any modern gentleman, you prefer a tailored approach to temptation. Tangy kaffir lime cultured by earthy notes and an urbane touch of sandalwood.

 NO. 68

Untamed, a little rogue and undeniably masculine. Classic green and cedar notes mellowed by well-worn leather are a sturdy testament to the rugged.

 NO. 93

The surest center of attention, marked by cool herbal notes layered over fallen pine needles, and finished with a strong, assertive swagger.

here is a direct link to our mens line!!

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