Friday, August 28, 2015

Join my Team Today!!!

For the very reasons you say you shouldn't join are the reasons you should....
• You have kids - great they can help you and you can enjoy this business from home together.
• You're too busy - an extra pay check can help you work less hours at your job or at least give you an extra pay check to spend when you have a day off.
• You don't have the money to sign - even more reason to join, sell something off to get the kit cost & then you will have an extra pay check every month.
• You don't know enough people - great, through doing this, you will MEET people... I will show you how to be successful at this without even knowing ONE person to sell to!!
•Too many of your friends sell it - that's fantastic news, they are smart & chose the right company!! You can enjoy competing to earn the FREE trips and building your teams, share ideas & do events together! I've met so many amazing people & built the best friendships because of this company!!
Now I'm sure there are more excuses you could throw at me, but ill excuse bust those too... Excuses won't make you money, they won't change things for me, but they will for you.
Let me put it this way, by not trying you have 100% chance of NOT succeeding. At least with trying your chances will increase....
🌟What if one opportunity could change your life? How will you know if you never try?

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